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Gambling is perhaps the most fun part of virtual poker sites. The internet allows many to feed their gambling addiction, without worrying about breaking local laws about gambling, in the process.

Internet gambling has seen an increase in use over the last couple years. One of the most popular forms of internet gambling is online poker sites that allow players to gamble real money in a virtual setting.
With many many exceptions, federal laws state that gambling is illegal in most instances. This includes laws that exist against online virtual gambling. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 bans and criminalizes the acceptance of proceeds from cash check or credit card from any business involved in the betting and wagering of games of chance as outlined in federal and state laws.

Some argue that this law should not apply to internet gambling poker sites, because poker is a game of skill more than a game of chance. State laws do not agree and when applying the Dominant Factor test, determine that the game of poker is at least 51% chance and therefore is gambling. Almost all states apply the Dominant Factor test in determining whether a specific game is a game of skill or chance and therefore is considered gambling.

Compulsive gambling and gambling addictions are a sad fact that many online poker sites have to deal with. No poker site wants you to loose all your money on their poker site. Many offer free help to people that think they may have gambling addictions. There are also many gambling addiction programs and sites run by non-profit organizations or governmental agencies.
New Parlay Odds at BetOnline
If you think you may have a gambling addiction and you can’t stop yourself from visiting online poker sites, here are some resources available to you:

– The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG)
1-800-572-4700 – 24-hour Confidential National Hotline

– The Sedona Method: How to Let Go and Stop Gambling Addiction.

– I Stopped Gambling – So Can You!

– HelpGuide. Org: A trusted non-profit resource for gambling addiction and problem gambling.