Play For Free

A multitude of play for free poker sites exist on the web today. Websites abound that allow players to join in the game of poker with friends or complete strangers, without having to risk any actual money. Just playing poker on online poker websites can be an enjoyable social experience.

Texas Hold’em is a popular game for online poker websites. Poker sites that offer Texas Hold’em see a lot of people joining in on the fun of playing for free, without the hassle of losing any actual money. The rules are the same, betting and winning are the same, but since you’re playing for free, you don’t loose any money. The flip side of that though, is that when you play on poker websites for free, you don’t win any money either. Although, many websites counteract this fact with free prizes or chance drawings for the most winning players on their websites.
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Video poker is another popular way to play poker on poker websites. Video poker is a game more similar to slots than to actual poker. It’s played on a video screen, often against no other players (simulated or real). Instead, as in slots, you win various amounts of “money” depending on how good a hand you draw. Often the rules of the game are modeled after five-card stud, where you are dealt five cards and are able to trade in some of them for the next cards in the deck. At the end of the hand, you make the best poker hand you can, and the rank of that hand determines the amount of “money” you win.

But again, on play for free poker websites like we’re discussing here, you don’t actually win or loose any money. It’s just for fun, and that’s how many players like it, just for fun. The best just for fun play for free poker websites that offer Texas Hold’em and video poker are: